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Save Moore Street meeting organised by National Graves Association.

          Thursday 14th October 2010 saw a very successful and packed public meeting held in Wynn's Hotel, Abbey Street, Dublin. The meeting was organised by the National Graves Association to discuss and inform people about the current situation concerning the National Monument at 14-17 Moore Street, Dublin.

          Earlier that evening N.G.A. chairman, Mr. Seán Whelan, was interviewed on the subject by Ms. Mary Wilson for RTE's primetime show "Drivetime". As always, Seán was very articulate and put across the N.G.A. position very clearly, ie. that we completely oppose any infringement on the previously designated National Monument site at 14-17 Moore St. Some property developers are trying to get a shopping centre built on the site while only preserving the building facades. This is totally and unequivocally unacceptable.

          There was a great attendance at the meeting with standing room only at five minutes to go. By eight o'clock that standing room was well and truely gone. The gathering was chaired by our own Mr. Seán Whelan. Seán introduced the panel which comprised of: Mr. Matt Doyle (N.G.A. secretary), Mr. Paddy Cooney (P.R.O. of the Save 16 Moore St. campaign), Mr. Colm Mac Geehin (Legal representative of the families of the 1916 leaders) and Mr. James Connolly Heron (Minute Secretary of the Save 16 Moore St. campaign and great grandson of 1916 leader James Connolly).

          Our own Mr. Matt Doyle gave an outline of the involvement of the N.G.A. in the campaign from the outset, some ten years ago now. The initial spur to action was started by a vigilant member of the public (Paddy Cooney) who noticed that the commemorative plaque had disappeared overnight. The importance of public vigilance in these matters cannot be over emphasised.

          James Connolly Heron then gave a presentation on the historical significance of the Moore St. area and particularly the terrace which includes numbers 14-17. He  later showed pictures and plans of the developer's proposed plans which shocked all present.

          Paddy Cooney followed with a display on how the Moore St. area could be developed into a world class National Monument that all could be proud of. This proposal called "HQ16" had not previously been seen by the public and its ambition and scope are very impressive.

          After the presentations Seán opened up the meeting to the floor for questions and answers. The public interest in this issue was obvious from the submissions from the floor. A number of councillors, senators and T.D.s also pledged their support for the campaign.

          The most noticeable absence was the Green Party, whose leader Mr. John Gormley (Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government), has the ultimate power to protect the Moore St. site. At the stroke of a pen he could rule out any ambiguity about the future of the site and preserve it for the future generations, as would be right.

          The meeting concluded with strong pledges of support for the campaign. It was important to hold this meeting to inform people of where the campaign is at and what the current situation is regarding the site. The campaign has now been brought to a larger audience, we have consolidated our existing support and we are confident of winning the protection and preservation of No.s 14-17 Moore Street. Tiocfaidh ár lá.


Liam Ó Culbáird
                                                                                                                                                                Deireadh Fómhair 2010.