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Letter Page Editor


Over the last year an orchestrated campaign by sections of the media and by many of our Professional Politicians have sought to soften up the public for the proposed visit by the Queen of England to the 26 Counties. Sound bites like “How mature we all are now” and “We have all moved on” are regularly trotted out, to give the impression that the struggle over the generations for freedom was an embarrassment.

The National Graves Association was somewhat surprised to learn that a possible visit by the Queen of England to the Garden of Remembrance, Dublin is under consideration. The Garden is dedicated to the memory of all those who gave their lives in the cause of Irish Freedom. It would be an insult to our patriot dead if the Queen of England who is claiming sovereignty to a part of our country was permitted to visit the memorial.  It would be a direct challenge to what our patriots died for,” A 32 County Republic”

Recently, we have witnessed an act of disgraceful and of sickening proportions when a Mr. Keaney danced on the grave of Charles Haughey in Sutton Dublin. There is a deep tradition in our culture in honouring our dead; all graves are sacred places irrespective of who is buried there. If the Soldiers of Destiny invite the Queen to the Garden of Remembrance it would be as despicable as the actions of Mr. Keaney.

 2011 will mark the 95th anniversary of the Easter Rising. It would seem some what hypocritical for the Government on one hand to curtsy to the Queen of England at the Garden of Remembrance and on the other hand to read aloud the Proclamation from the steps of the G.P.O.  


                                                                                                Is Mise

                                                                                                Matt Doyle

                                                                                                National Graves Association

                                                                                                74 Dame St,     Dublin 2